Holistic Care Questions

How should I prepare for my massage?

Try not to eat a heavy meal 2 hours prior to the massage

Remove all jewelry that may interfere with your massage

Please turn off your cell phone before your appointment

​Complete all necessary paperwork with your therapist

We request that you disclose any medical conditions/prescriptions that you are taking as some services may contradict. 

Can I talk during my massage?

If you feel the need to converse - feel free to do so. It is important to concentrate on relaxing. Please give feedback to our therapists, i.e. the pressure is too much or too little, music too loud, etc. Feel free to communicate your needs to your therapist.

What is Medical Massage?

This treatment is designed to resolve conditions which have been diagnosed by a physician or other licensed health care provider.  We work with injury, orthopedic and cancer related issues.  We work with medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health care practitioners so each session is customized to meet your needs.  Below are some of the therapies that may be performed in a medical massage session.

What is Oncology massage?

Oncology massage is the modification of massage techniques in order to safely work with the effects of cancer and cancer treatment.  This includes people in active treatment, those in recovery, as well as those at the end of life.

What is Ortho-bionomy® ?

 Ortho-bionomy® is a series of gentle movements, light compression and subtle contacts to help the body re-align itself.  Ortho-bionomy® is beneficial for headaches, back pain, sprains/strains, sports injuries, restricted movement, acute and chronic pain and neuromuscular dysfunction.​​​​

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)?

Manual Lymph Drainage is a specific pattern of very slow, light and rhythmic stretching of the skin in circular movements to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and nodes.  MLD is beneficial for lymphedema, edema as a result of injury or surgery, radiation or removal of lymph nodes, cancer survivors, hip and knee replacement.  MLD moves toxins within the body and improves the healing phase.


What do I wear during my massage?

Our therapists are trained in draping techniques to leave all necessary body parts covered.  If you are more comfortable with more clothing, feel free to wear what you like.  Your therapist will work within your comfort level.  Please note that we do drape our clients.​


What should I do after my massage?

Please give feedback to your therapist.  This will allow for some alterations to be made for your next treatment so it is a more pleasurable experience.  Do some light stretches and drink plenty of water.​


Do you offer a Sensual massage?

Absolutely not! Please do not waste your time or ours.  Our therapist will immediately end the session and you will be responsible for the session fee.​


What about cancellations?​

Should you need to cancel, we require a 24 hour cancellation.  Customers scheduling more than one service will be asked to hold their reservation with a credit card.  There will be a $20 charge applied to your credit card for a no show fee.​


What about gratuities?​

Gratuities are optional and left to the discretion of our clients.  How much should one tip?  Usually a tip of 15-20% is given to the therapist.