Who Gets Massages?

January 28, 2016



Answering the above question requires us to look at the reasons why people get massages in the first place. While everyone wants a positive massage experience, they all have varied reasons for getting massages. 




Massage therapy for regular health maintenance:


According to a report published recently 85% of the people who get massages do it for health reasons particularly stress or medical related. Medical reasons for getting a massage may include soreness, pregnancy or prenatal, prevent migraines, injury recovery, stiffness or spasms, pain relief and general well-being. 


Massage therapy for relaxation:


This is the most common and most obvious reason people get massages is to relax. For most busy people, taking an hour’s break to lie down in dimly lit room and get a massage is a luxury. It’s is very important to incorporate relaxation into our daily lives mostly for health reasons. Relaxation helps the body and mind unwind from fatigue, stress and anxiety after a long period of work. It helps people to transition from professional lives to the environment where friends and family await them. 


Massage therapy for stress relief:


Scientific studies have often confirmed the ability of a massage to have an effect on hormonal balance. This can lead to stress relief and given its ability to remove people from their regular anxieties or tantrums can also have a positive effect on their health. Many people today spend long hours in front of computers with little regard for practicing good posture. Massages take one out of the damaging environment and bring them to a relaxing and healing place. 


Massage therapy to maintain connection with others:


Massages are mainly about touch and what better way to make connections to others than through touch? Since birth, babies constantly crave their caretaker’s touch and this desire doesn’t really go away even after growing up. Regardless of when and how you experience it, physical contact will always be an important part of human life. This is especially true for the elderly who as they get older, physical contact with one another becomes less common. Massage therapy offers a healthy alternative for physical contact to feel connected to others.

Massage therapy as an alternative form of treatment:


Believe it or not, health professionals are increasingly viewing massage therapy as a legitimate form of treatment to address certain health concerns. A recent survey revealed that 14% of the respondents were referred to massage therapists by their doctors, 54% of them were encouraged to receive massages to aid in recovery from medical conditions while 11% were advised that they would benefit from massages.

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