Lymphatic Drainage & Cosmetic Surgery

April 29, 2016

Lymphatic Drainage & Cosmetic Surgery


In today's world,  cosmetic surgery has become a very sought after procedure with face an eye lifts, abdominal, neck and thigh liposuction and breast augmentation topping the charts. It is common for individuals who undergo the procedure to experience pain, swelling and bruising soon after. For some, the process of healing takes too long and forces them to stay at home which is unproductive. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a procedure that can reduce these uncomfortable effects.


MLD is a massage technique where the lymphatic vessels are opened up to drain excess fluid that accumulates in the areas where the procedure was carried out.  The lymphatic system cleans out the 'debris' that accumulates while the body heals, including excess fluid and blood cells.


Cause of Pain, Bruising & Swelling

During plastic surgery, a lot of cell damage is done, for instance, the rapture to the skin and the take out of certain body masses such as excess fats. It is inevitable that certain nerve cells will be affected, which is what causes the pain. The body, in a bid to repair itself, expels platelets which work to replace the tissue and these cause the bruising and swelling. The lymphatic system is supposed to clean out the body of the 'debris' left but due to the inflammation, the lymphatic vessels are constricted leading to a longer duration of healing.  There is a way to improve this situation:


Pre Operative MLD

Research has found that pre-op MLD speeds up healing by preparing the body for the operation. By relaxing the muscles, there is better expulsion of the 'debris' or toxins.


Post Operative MLD

Bruising and swelling are common after most procedures. MLD here works to drain the toxins and swelling from the affected area and into the lymphatic system thereby hastening the healing process.


How Many Sessions

A trained MLD massage therapist may perform 8-10 sessions each of 45-60 minutes. The therapist will massage your skin in certain patterns in a particular sequence near the bruising or swelling. The lymphatic vessels utilize internal, smooth muscle movements through the process of peristalsis. External muscles provide external contraction and relaxation that are necessary in aiding the flow. The toxins are therefore pushed out of the affected area and expelled from the body. It is advisable to get an MLD session before or soon after the procedure for the best results.

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